The importance’s of networking

Networking is one of the most importance actives in recent years as well as into to days age from far and wide. it is the main social centre for an individual can build by meeting forming acquaintances throughout the years in the field of business. The main benefits of this is to put together the relationships that an individual has formed during the networking events and generating and taking of the help of the opportunities within the professional world. Such things are forever changing, and it is reflected on to our own self, in addition to that when individual’s employee change jobs it them seizing a new opportunity thus benefiting their career path for further advisement.        

By Andrew Faure

1.Networking helps in gathering opinions and tips

Networking has a whole is seen has a strategy for a person that’s being employs creates a loop through many contacts and connections such as family members, friends, lecturers, classmates, colleagues and even peers. Networking is not really only tied to the business corporate world; it’s also done somewhat with students that go to university mainly the first years. When student first relocate to a new city or area for university mainly when they move into student residents, they have at least two weeks before they first start their debut to get to meet new people at university events and fresher events. Students may find out new things such as societies that they may have miss during their inductions as well as part time jobs within the town or city that they are now living. Social networking sites have been used in a way to gather tips and opinions like Facebook and LinkedIn this allows us to find with the same interests and experiences which will provide advantages for people who are seeking opportunities. 

A lesson that we all must remember is that knowledge is in fact power and with that is the more you know through your own contacts the further you can utilize the information and the resources that you gain from it for your benefit. The main importance of networking is that it enables you gather different types of opinions tips from sources that you encounter and people who you have interacted with. By gain their knowledge and experiences of certain field it supports your own growth and success within the professional career world. 

2.Networking offers job opportunities 

Networking events have become more of a requirement in order to gain professional success. The relationship that you form through these events can led to different type of opportunities within your chosen profession. one of the great advantages that you can achieve from networking is a job opportunity, this is because sometimes you may not get thought to the career you want with your interview or your CV alone. These event where you would get a job 

opportunity come in different forms such as you can be networking and the person who you have a strong connection with may not be able to get your foot within the door in the field that you want, but their advice can be the key in achieving that. This goes to show how strong and use full networking as well as the how competitive the market is, so in meaning every tiny advantage counts. 

3.Networking helps in making connections 

As good and important as networking is just by attending networking events does not mean that you cannot make the connection within one go. The reason why is that even though yourself and the other individual have something in common with each other as well as professionals, everyone there are complete strangers to each other, so trust needs to be built and formed in order to create a meaningful relationship. This also can encourage people within the cercle who are not so comfortable of coming out of their comfort zone and take part within the range of activities and events. So it is important to be vocal and share your information as well as what is on your mind and interest and goals. Because if the fear of discomfort gets the better of yourself then no networking can take place as well as no connection or relationship can even be formed. 

Networking is like a game of chance because you or the person who you are interacting with does not know if the conversation that you are sharing is going to hit its point of interest like a jackpot for example which places you in personation of opportunity. So, one must ask and answer questions in order create an ongoing discussion. Even after the networking event it is not the end of it, because sometimes you may have a discussion flowing nicely another test of connection with person is also comes from staying in touch with people who you have interacted with so that connection may stay maintained. 

4.Networking boots your self-confidence

Networking is all about meeting new people and creating and developing a network that will benefit you within the future going forward. it is also imperative at the same time to meet the correct people as well and engage with them at the same level. So, for example a person should not give excuse that they are feeling shy or the fact that they cannot make a connection for no reason. So once an individual understands that it will then be profitable within your chosen career as well as it will also become much more natural to put aside your shyness. 

Networking also allows a person who they are interacting with to understands people opinions as well as their ideas and views. This is because it can allow them to understand you own ideas and views which can led to boots your self-confidence and belief. 

5.Networking gains you visibility 

People tend to be nerves when they begin their very first networking. But once that individual has taken their first step forwards into these practises it will be worth your wild. The trick is to not try and because a charmer or a try hard person within a room full of strangers but to locate people who share you views and interests to start small talks. the nature of networking is you make yourself visible to others through your skills and not just sitting within a conner. 


Overall networking is a great way to help one’s own needs with their career and their own self confidence. Also, I believe that networking can be use not only for career enhancements but gaining a social friendship as well. In addition to that I think it vital to keep with networking and keep into contact with your connections because you never know two or three plus years down the line that those relationships that you have formed may have something that may help you.