Career Events

If you have actually invested method too long thinking of what you may wish to do but still find yourself back at the exact same desk every Monday morning then this workshop is for you.

  • Get a much deeper understanding of yourself, your motorists and skills
  • Develop concrete ideas and possible options for your brand-new profession
  • Get specific attention (an optimum of 12 individuals take part).
  • Get an entire day to hatch an escape strategy to start doing the work you love.

Sign up with a focused, useful and inspiring workshop.

Set in a stunning area in Richmond, London and working with a small group of 12 individuals, this is an intimate, high quality experience. With an entire day to concentrate on you and your work, it’s a chance to take a step back and actually get stuck in.

Experienced career coach Sonia Lakshman or Sarah Dawrant will take you through an expertly developed process created to help you deepen your understanding of yourself, then developing on ideas and alternatives from there. We’ll also look at how to surpass typical blocks and obstacles and load the session with advice on how to start, create opportunity and open doors.

You’ll find yourself in the business of individuals who seem like you do and wish to finally alter that. Since of the little group size you get specific attention to get past the locations where you personally feel stuck. There’s pre work too, to assist you prepare and get the most out of the day.

If you’ve never really known what you’ve wished to do, that you have actually fallen into what you do now, that you once enjoyed your work however do not anymore, or that you’re simply not quite sure how to make the life you want take place– but desperately want to– you need to be at this workshop!

We break down the two big work questions.

Extensive Workshop set.

WHAT is it that you really wish to do?


HOW do you make it take place?

We work intensively– there’s prework so you’re prepared; then we dig much deeper, help you comprehend yourself and your requirements, explore options and concepts and establish next steps; along with getting tough subjects like money, confidence and confusion off your chest and on the table. You entrust clearness, motivation, convenient ideas AND with an action plan to proceed with.


Life’s too short to waste in the wrong career — come to this workshop and kick start your career change into action!