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How Bradstone Allington Works

Step 1 – Enrolment: Enrol onto the programme.

Step 2 – Get Trained: Candidates take part in our distance learning course in order to obtain the required qualifications. This process can take up to 100 hours to complete.

Step 3 – Work Placement: This is a guaranteed opportunity for all successful candidates. Candidates will receive 12 weeks work experience & a professional reference upon completion.

Step 4 – Career Support: Receive career support from our career specialists. This will involve any necessary measures required to increase employability. At this stage, candidates would receive support with their CV and covering letter.

Step 5 – Entry-level position £20,000 – £25,000*: We aim to assist our candidates in finding a permanent role within the sector. Successful candidates have obtained positions with a starting salary ranging between £20,000 – £25,000* per annum.

If you’re looking to enrol give us a call on 029 2105 2756 or alternatively you can email us on [email protected]

Who We Are 01

Who We Are

Presenting highly talented candidates to the UK, USA employment market

Bradstone Allington is committed to presenting highly talented graduates into the UK, USA employment market.

We are a distinct and knowledgeable organisation, covering all levels of recruitment and career development for Accounting, IT, Human Resources, Law, and Digital Marketing.

What We Do 02

What We Do

Helping candidates kick start their careers

We use our expertise and professional network to assist candidates, specifically those without any prior industry experience, to kick start their career. Bradstone Allington is a recruitment & training company based in the UK and USA.

Our primary focus as a people facing organisation is to help candidates, specifically those that are new to the industry and have no previous work experience, in successfully tackling the job market and, ultimately, securing employment in today’s competitive market.

Our Team 03

Our Team

We aim to give you a fighting chance

Our team includes skilled recruiters and HR experts with 30 years of combined experience. We use our industry know-how, extensive network, and functional methods to supply a wide array of training and recruitment services that bring value to the table.

This has enabled us to launch the careers of almost 2,000 graduates, a lot of whom currently hold permanent jobs in various companies throughout the UK and USA.

What is WPP 04

What is WPP

Our Work Placement Programme (WPP) helps candidates gain experience

What separates us from the competition is our desire to go above and beyond to assist our candidates. With this in mind and the growing need for practical experience, the team at Bradstone Allington have developed a signature Work Placement Programme referred to as (WPP).

This is an innovative scheme designed to support your personal development by way of mentorship, training and practical experience in your chosen industry.

Benefits of the WPP 05

Benefits of the WPP

One of the fastest routes into entry-level employment

Candidates are taken on-board by a partner business in their industry and are then mentored by experts, this has proven to be one of the fastest routes into entry-level roles. We give candidates a real-world perspective, training, and the opportunity to perform in their desired industry.

By joining WPP, candidates can develop and enhance their abilities, gain relevant work experience, and kick start their career. The WPP has been proven effective, with over 90% of candidates securing full-time employment within just 3 months of their completion date.

What We Offer

A range of services for candidates and employers


A wide selection of business focused trianing courses for candidates and companies.


Offering our partners a wide selection of talent to fill their entry level vacancies.


Supporting candidates with CV support, training courses and work placements.